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- How to Plan Your Win
- Three Steps for a Winning Campaign
- VOTER CONTACT Methodology
 Social Media Services
- Social Media Image Enhancement
- Social Media Generic
- Social Media Services
- Winning Edge Election Services & Solutions
- Election Process in India
 Media Files (Recording Speech)
  Election Management System
  Two Way Communications
  Winning Margin (Delhi)
  Election Services Prev.
  Electoral Roll Data - 2009
  Party wise No. of Seats
  Election Results 2012
  Election Trivia
  Indian Political Parties
  Indian National Congress
  Bhartiya Janata Party
  Bhaujan Samaj Party
  Communist Party
  Nationalist Congress Party
  Lok Sabha Election - 2014
  Our Pre-Poll Predictions
  The Electoral System
  State wise Seat
  Summary 1952-2009
  Prime Minister 1947-2009
  President of India
  Vice-President of India
  Prime Minister's Office
  Council of Ministers
  MP's : Rajya Sabha
  MP's : Lok Sabha
  Chief Ministers
  Governor / Lt. Governor
  Secretaries to the Govt. of India
  Chief Secretaries
  Ministries / Departments
  State Governments / UT's
  Public Sector Undertakings
  Embassies / Consulates
  UN Agencies in India
  Indian Missions / Posts
  States Bhawan's in Delhi
  Resident Commissioners
  Director (PR) of State Govt.
  Legislative Assembly
 Electoral Roll
- Voter Search
- Claim & Objection
- A Guide for Voters
- PDF Application Forms
- Instructions Related to Rolls & EPIC
- 2006 Compendium of Instruction
- ERO Manual
- BLO Manual
- Polling Stations Maps
- Future Elections
- Electoral Reforms Proposals
- Election Manifestos
- Political Parties Registration Guidelines
- State CEOs
Expected Lok Sabha Election Results-2014 - Election Awaaz
Latest Election News
Know - With
Election Awaaz

Indian Election Services

- How to Plan Your Win
- Three Steps for a Winning Campaign
- VOTER CONTACT Methodology
  Over all Advantages of Awaaz India Media Pvt. Ltd.


- Election Comparision Report
- Voters Pulse
- Election Analysis & Management Tools for Micromanagement
- Constituency Management
  Constituency Management Solutions Software
- Problem Management applications /Solutions
- Maintaining Influential People/Groups Information and maintain relation with them
- Profile Management
- Booth Wise Analysis for Candidates /Political Parties
- Team/Members
/Workers Arragement
- Constituency Nurturing & Monitoring Software
  CMS: Constituency Management and Nurturing ring Software
  Track your opposition
  Past Election Data Analysis
  Schedule of General Election 2014
  Nomination Related Forms and Informations
 Social Media Services

Social Media Image Enhancement

- Social Media Generic

Social Media Services

- Winning Edge Election Services & Solutions
- Election Process in India -ECI
- Benefits of Utilizing Election Awaaz Services
- Constituency Profile Report
- Contact by Voice Acctuated System-Two Way
- News Monitoring Services
- MOBILE APPS. for Elections
- MONITOR Opposition
ELECTION Data Categorization
- Data Categorization for Micro Management
- Social Media Image Enhancement
Social Media Generic
Social Media Services
Winning Edge Election Services & Solutions
- Social Media Objective
- Expected Result
- Levels of Social Media Engagement with Voters
- Proposed Social Media Programme
- Social Media Programme
- Our Social Media Image Enhancement Services
- Meri Vote Jyada
- Voice Based Two way communication Solution
- Over all Advantages of Awaaz India Media Pvt. Ltd.
  Election Machinery
  For Correction of Entries in the ....
  Compendium of Related Instructions
  Delimitation of Constituencies
  Election of Vice President of India
  Registration of Political Parties
  List of Public Information Officers..
  FAQs -Important Information for..
  Electoral Rolls (FAQs)
  National Democratic Alliance
  Counting & Declarations of Result
  Naxalities v/s The Election Priceless
  Electronic Voting Machine
  Poll Schedule
  Voter Registration Form

  List of Winning Candidates General Elections 2009
  Electorate Size in 2009
  How our MPs fared in Parliament in 2009
  Total Lok Sabha Seats - statewise (1951-2009)
  Total Contestants & party position - Partywise (1951-2009)
  Party Performance - Comparative (1951-2009)
  Largest Margin of Victory - Yearwise (1951-2009)
  Top Party Performance - Yearwise (1951-2009)
  Female Participation in Polls - Statewise (1951-2009)
  Performance of Female Candidates - Statewise (1951-2009)
  Performance of male candidates - Comparative (1951-2009)
  FAQs -Important Information for..-
  Snapshot of Lok Sabha Election - Year wise (1951-2009)
  Statewise average of Bills, Debates, Questions asked in Parliament in 2009
  List of Successful Candidates - Statewise (1951-2009)
  Reserved Seats - Statewise (1951-2009)
  Polling Percentage - Statewise (1951-2009)
  Smallest Margin of Victory (1951-2009)
  Votes Polled by Parties - Yearwise (1951-2009)
  Male Participation in Polls - Statewise (1951-2009)
  Performance of Male Candidates - Statewise (1951-2009)
  Electorate Size - Statewise (1962-2009)
  Candidates of Same Name
  Ethics Statement
  Non-Partician Company
  Letter from Director
  Business Principles
  Party wise Numbers of Seats
  Election Results 2009

  Election Management Software
  Two Way Communication
  Winning Margin (Delhi)
  Election Services Preview
  Our Pre Poll Predictions
  Indian General Election 2004-2014
  Prime Minister of India 1947-2004
  State Wise Seat - Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha
  Electoral System
  Model Code of Conduct
  Important Voting Facts
  Useful Information
  Telephone Directory
- Contact Numbers -Election Commission
- E-mails of CEO's - Election Commission
- Delimitation Commission
  Online Voter Registration
- Form 6 (Inclusion of Name for residents Electors)
- For 6A (Inclusion of Name for Overseas Electors
- For 7 (Any Objection on inclusion of Name)
- Form 8 (Correction of entries in the Electoral Rolls)
- Form 8A (Transposition within Assembly)
- Resident Electors
- Overseas Elections
- Electronic Voting Machine
- Faq's for ROs /DEOs
- Election Machinary
- Parliament
- Delimitation of Constituencies
- Registration of Political Parties
- Contesting for Elections
- Counting & Declaration of Results
- Deputy Election Commissioners - State Waise
- CEO's Portal
- List of Districts
- Constituencies Maps
- Election Commission Officers
- Delimitation Commission
- Best Practices Sharing Portal
- Citizen Charter
- Assembly Constituencies Maps
- Parliamentry Constituencies Maps
- Forms
- Know the Status of Your Application for Enrolment
- Know Your Voter Center - Delhi
- Check the Name in the Voter List
- Know Your MP/MLA (Delhi)
- Election Results - Delhi Vidhan Sabha – 2013
 Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)

Presentation regarding ECI -Zipped Flash File

- Powerpoint Presentation regarding ECI
- EVM - Electronic Voting Machine (Details) - PowerPoint Presentation
 Information Elections 2014
General Election 2014 Complete Schedule as perthe edition of HT dated 6th March 2014
North West Delh PC as per the edition of HT dated 6th March 2014
  Election Awaaz
  Yes We did it
  Yes I Care
  Election Mangement
  Election Material
  Yes I Care
  Constituency Mng. Soft.
  24 X 7 Support
  Booth Level Data
  Public Opinion/Research Survey
  Voter Slip Creation/Dist.
  Polling Booth Analysis
  Tips for Winning
  All types of Campaign Logist.
  Helicopters / AircraftsOnly for election purpose
  Telephonic Campaign
  SMS Campaign
  Media Press & Electronic
  E-Mail Services
  Website Development
  Election Awaaz
  Wrist Bands/Head Bands
  Authenticated Data
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