Improve Quality of Electioneering- Decrease usage of Black Money


Micromanagement is today very essential in Elections to INCREASE the REACH &VISIBILITY, and to improve the relationship amongst VOTERS, PARTY WORKERS and CANDIDATE through the use of it. This is the best and COST effective method to CONNECT all three of the above concerned, Improve Satisfaction amongst them with BETTER Planning. All this can be done through easy to use software solution with improved VISIBILITY, while controlling the real time movement of campaigning team, rating the team as per tasks accomplished, conducting Real Time SURVEY regarding various issues, making voters more informed than before about the candidate and party’s plans and other information, while substantially lowering the COST of ELECTIONEERING. Implementing this would enable weeding out the use of black money usage considerably in the elections.

Elections can be planned well – executed well-by the use of Micromanagement of numbers segregated through Information Technology developed by guided by extended electioneering arms of
Awaaz India Media –
Data is segregated of the constituency into various heads and fields and fed into the basic software alongwith information about the previous election, booth wise. Each booth has around 100-1200 app. Voters – groups among the VOTERS are formed to have easy reach to the final voter. Various information required for maintaining constant contact with the end VOTER and every household in the constituency and the leader’s activities and information regarding visits function events etc. (Pre-election and post-election) is stored for reference at proper time. It is further utilized to track every interaction with the voter and amongst party cadre with the candidate and creating groups of influential voters etc. As elections is mainly a numbers exercise these voters are based on the information classified as positive, negative and natural. This information can be used effectively through mobile at no cost for the Group users. Further Greetings can be there for special occasions like birthdays & marriage anniversary etc. Dialogue amongst the Group can be initiated and meetings etc. can be planned and relevant info shared through this mobile based software application.